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& Performance

ARTZ Pool is built with military & industrial-grade security hardware components. 

ARTZ servers run on fiber internet, the fastest internet available today.

ARTZ nodes run on our own bare-metal server, eliminating any reliance on AWS and giving the server max uptime.

Artistic Support



ARTZ donates 10% of yearly profits to P.S ARTSa charity providing arts education in underserved public schools/communities.


All ARTZ delegator-artists can and should reach out to us for promotion via our social media pages.

More info regarding artist promotion can be found in the Artists Gallery.


Educational Content

ARTZ releases memos detailing specific competitive advantages of the Cardano blockchain protocols & network infrastructure.

The ARTZ Twitter page provides additional content such as network stats, node upgrades, & ARTZ Epoch performance recaps.  

Node Updates

Version 1.21.1

Node Updates

Version 1.21.1



Jake Osgard, Founder 


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Josh McInerney,

Co- Founder & Head Developer

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Matthew Beyer,

Co- Founder, Head of Marketing & Artist Relations

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