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|   NFT Artist

diablito prof pic.jpg

whoisdiablito takes his name from the famous Mexican lottery character "El Diablito." Spicy as the character, diablito takes us into his journey across NFT pleasures. Nevertheless, all pleasure has its own inferno.

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Stefaniya D.

|    Photographer / Painter


Stephaniya Dyulgerova was born in the early '90s in picturesque Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. She discovered her love of drawing and painting soon after. Later in life, Stefaniya graduated from her hometown's university, specializing in Fine Art.

Nature surrounded Stefaniya from a young age and quickly became her greatest inspiration. She has been inspired to work not only in photography and painting but also illustration, graphic design, and interior design.

In recent years, photography has been the most fascinating field for Stefaniya to dig into. In her photos, the artist tries to capture the complexity of existential emotions, evoked by places she visits or objects of everyday life.

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Oliver King

|    Photographer

Ollie profile artz.jpg

Oliver King was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He began photographing in high school through his school's film photography program and that is where he fell in love with film photography.

Oliver is currently living in Portland, Oregon where he is expanding his portfolio through portraiture and themed shoots. He hopes to make a career in the fashion photography industry and is always looking to capture people's self expression through fashion.

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Artist Relations

After you delegate to ARTZ Pool, reach out to us via Twitter or Email: to begin the verification process and become an ARTZ promoted artist.

When you're verified, we'll talk about the art & info (prof pic, contacts, links, etc.) you want us to promote.

ARTZ will officially publish your desired profile & aesthetic in our Artist Gallery above and share your work with our Twitter following.

Our goal is to establish a network of artists in the Cardano Community, hopefully opening the door to many collaborative projects.

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